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About Us

Here at Play2Learn…

We are passionate about nature-based play and believe in the environment as the child’s third teacher, helping them learn through their own creativity and curiosity. Throughout our program we take a holistic approach to our practice as we recognise and support each child as an individual person with different needs and learning styles.

Our mission is to create a positive, stimulating, safe, natural environment filled with all the necessary tools for your child to be excited to learn, explore and grow. Children have a natural sense of curiosity and will learn best through play in which they are totally engaged, this gives them hands-on experiences to practice, experiment, predict, make mistakes and achieve. Children at this age are only just starting to learn how to make friendships, share and label their feelings, read others' expressions and emotions and demonstrate empathy.


Play Based Learning

Play-based learning provides opportunities for children to actively and imaginatively engage with people, objects and the environment. Symbolic representation is a critical aspect. When playing, children may be organising, constructing, manipulating, pretending, exploring, investigating, creating, interacting, imagining, negotiating and making sense of their worlds. It promotes the holistic development (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative) of a child and depending on how it is utilised, may also support a broad range of literacy and numeracy skills. The teacher's role in scaffolding play is pivotal.


Our Philosophy 

At Play2Learn Kindy, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life and the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We embrace a collaborative approach that aims to create positive bonds between parents, childcare providers, and children. Our childcare center proudly values safety, education, nature, play-based learning, creativity, companionship and kindness as the core of our philosophy.

We strive to foster an atmosphere that allows each child to learn through exploration and imagination while providing nurturing care in a secure environment. It is our mission to make each day spent with us an unforgettable learning experience for your child, one filled with happiness and discovery!

Experience & Reputation

Experienced staff that cares greatly about our youngest members, and ensures each child feels safe and secure in the childcare centre environment. Our facility is structured differently to create age-appropriate activities tailored to a variety of interests while maintaining educational objectives.

Here are the core benefits to expect for your child when they enrol with Play2Learn:

  • Safe and nurturing environment

  • Gain essential developmental skills

  • Early education and enrichment

  • Self-Help Skills

  • Stimulating activities to promote development,  interests and talents.

What Your Child Will Benefit

Our Passionate Educators

We are proud to have educators who are nurturing and passionate. Our educators understand the importance of a safe and nurturing environment, where parents can feel confident leaving their children everyday. They create strong relationships with both the children and the parents, creating a harmonious learning atmosphere. 


My name is Bernice 

Together with my husband Ian we have created Play2Learn.  I have 2 children Connor and Harrison who are also part of our business. Connor has 6 years’ experience as an educator and now works in the administration area, while Harrison helps with other jobs needing to be done. 

At Play2Learn Kindergarten I am so proud to say our staff are exceptional and know each family and child and taking time to build relationships which promote security and trust.

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